Scan optimization

You can optimize file scanning: reduce scan time and increase the operating speed of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. This can be achieved by scanning only new files and those files that have been modified since the previous scan. This mode applies both to simple and to compound files. You can also set a limit for scanning a single file. When the specified time interval expires, Kaspersky Endpoint Security excludes the file from the current scan (except archives and objects that include several files).

A common technique of concealing viruses and other malware is to implant them in compound files, such as archives or databases. To detect viruses and other malware that are hidden in this way, the compound file must be unpacked, which may slow down scanning. You can limit the types of compound files to be scanned and thereby speed up scanning.

You can also enable the iChecker and iSwift technologies. The iChecker and iSwift technologies optimize the speed of scanning files, by excluding files that have not been modified since the most recent scan.

How to optimize scanning in the Administration Console (MMC)

How to optimize scanning in the Web Console and Cloud Console

How to optimize scanning in the application interface

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