Application operation tracing

Application tracing is a detailed record of actions that performed by the application, and of messages about events that occurred during operation of the application.

Application tracing should be performed under the supervision of Kaspersky Technical Support.

To create an application trace file:

  1. In the main application window, click the button icon_support.

    The Support window opens.

  2. In the Support window, click the Support Tools button.
  3. Use the Enable application tracing toggle to enable or disable tracing of application operation.
  4. In the Tracing drop-down list, select an application tracing mode:
    • With rotation. Save traces to a limited number of files of limited size and overwrite the older files when the maximum size is reached. If this mode is selected, you can define the maximum number of files for rotation and the maximum size for each file.
    • Write to a single file. Save one trace file (no size limit).
  5. In the Level drop-down list, select the tracing level.

    You are advised to clarify the required tracing level with a Technical Support specialist. In the absence of guidance from Technical Support, set the tracing level to Normal (500).

  6. Restart Kaspersky Endpoint Security.
  7. To stop the tracing process, return to the Support window and disable tracing.

You can also create trace files when installing the application from the command line, including by using the setup.ini file.

As a result, a performance trace file is created in the %ProgramData%\Kaspersky Lab\KES\Traces folder. After the trace file is created, send the file to Kaspersky Technical Support.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security automatically deletes trace files when the application is removed. You can also delete the files manually. To do so, you must disable tracing and stop the application.

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