Actions with trusted devices

Trusted devices are devices to which users that are specified in the trusted device settings have full access at all times.

To work with trusted devices, you can grant access to an individual user, to a group of users, or to all users of the organization.

For example, if your organization does not allow the use of removable drives but administrators use removable drives in their work, you can allow removable drives only for a group of administrators. To do so, add removable drives to the trusted list and configure user access permissions.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security allows you to add a device to the trusted list in the following ways:

Kaspersky Endpoint Security allows controlling the use of trusted devices (connection and disconnection). You can turn on event logging in notification settings for the Device Control component. Events have the Informational severity level.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security has the following limitations when working with trusted devices:

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Adding a device to the Trusted list from the application interface

Adding a device to the Trusted list from Kaspersky Security Center

Exporting and importing the list of trusted devices

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