Comparison of available application features depending on the type of operating system

The set of available Kaspersky Endpoint Security features depends on the type of operating system: workstation or server (see the table below).

Comparison of Kaspersky Endpoint Security features





Advanced Threat Protection



Kaspersky Security Network

Behavior Detection

Exploit Prevention

Host Intrusion Prevention

Remediation Engine

Essential Threat Protection



File Threat Protection

Web Threat Protection

Mail Threat Protection


Network Threat Protection

BadUSB Attack Prevention

AMSI Protection

Security Controls



Application Control

Device Control

Web Control

Adaptive Anomaly Control

Data Encryption



Kaspersky Disk Encryption

BitLocker Drive Encryption

File Level Encryption

Encryption of removable drives

Detection and Response



Kaspersky Endpoint Agent

Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum

Kaspersky Sandbox

Managed Detection and Response

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