Configuring retention rules for unassigned devices

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After Windows network polling is complete, the found devices are placed into subgroups of the Unassigned devices administration group. This administration group can be found at DISCOVERY & DEPLOYMENTDISCOVERYWINDOWS DOMAINS. The WINDOWS DOMAINS folder is the parent group. It contains child groups named after the corresponding domains and workgroups that have been found during the poll. The parent group may also contain the administration group of mobile devices. You can configure the retention rules of the unassigned devices for the parent group and for each of the child groups. The retention rules do not depend on the device discovery settings and work even if the device discovery is disabled.

To configure retention rules for unassigned devices:

  2. Do one of the following:
    • To configure settings of the parent group, click the Properties button.

      The Windows domain properties window opens.

    • To configure settings of a child group, click its name.

      The child group properties window opens.

  3. Define the following settings:
    • Remove the device from the group if it has been inactive for longer than (days)
    • Inherit from parent group
    • Force inheritance in child groups
  4. Click the Accept button.

Your changes are saved and applied.

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