Configuring sysprep.exe utility

The sysprep.exe utility is intended to prepare the device for creation of an operating system image.

To configure sysprep.exe utility:

  1. In the Remote installation folder of the console tree, select the Installation packages subfolder.
  2. From the context menu of an installation package with an operating system image, select Properties.

    The installation package properties window opens.

  3. In the installation package properties window, select the sysprep.exe settings section.
  4. In the sysprep.exe settings section, specify a configuration file to be used during deployment of the operating system on the client device:
    • Use default configuration file. Select this option to use the answer file generated by default during capture of the operating system image.
    • Specify custom values of main settings. Select this option to specify values for settings through the user interface.
    • Specify configuration file. Select this option to use a custom answer file.
  5. To apply the changes made, click the Apply button.
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