Verifying downloaded updates

To make Kaspersky Security Center verify downloaded updates before distributing them to client devices:

  1. In the workspace of Tasks folder, select the Download updates to the Administration Server repository task in the list of tasks.
  2. Open the task properties window in one of the following ways:
    • By selecting Properties in the context menu of the task.
    • By clicking the Configure task link in the information box for the selected task.
  3. In the task properties window that opens, in the Update verification section, select the Verify updates before distributing option, and then select the update verification task in one of the following ways:
    • By clicking the Browse button to choose an existing update verification task.
    • By clicking the Create button to create an update verification task.

      The Update Verification Task Wizard starts. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

      When creating the update verification task, select the administration group that contains devices on which the task will be run. Devices included in this group are called test devices.

      It is recommended to use devices with the most reliable protection and the most popular application configuration across the network. This approach increases the quality of scans, and minimizes the risk of false positives and the probability of virus detection during scans. If viruses are detected on test devices, the update verification task is considered unsuccessful.

  4. Click OK to close the properties window of the Download updates to the repository of the Administration Server task.

The update verification task is performed as part of the Download updates to the repository of the Administration Server task. The Administration Server will download updates from the source, save them in the temporary repository, and run the update verification task. If the task completes successfully, the updates will be copied from the temporary repository to the Administration Server shared folder (<Kaspersky Security Center installation folder>\Share\Updates). They will be distributed to all client devices for which the Administration Server is the source of updates.

If, as a result of the update verification task, updates located in the temporary repository are incorrect or if the update verification task completes with an error, such updates will not be copied to the shared folder. The Administration Server will retain the previous set of updates. Also, the tasks that have the When new updates are downloaded to the repository schedule type are not started then. These operations will be performed at the next start of the Download updates to the repository of the Administration Server task if scanning of the new updates completes successfully.

A set of updates is considered invalid if any of the following conditions is met on at least one test device:

If none of the listed conditions is true for any test device, the set of updates is considered valid, and the update verification task is considered to have completed successfully.

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