Cloud device group

You can manage cloud devices by combining them into groups. At the stage of initially configuring Kaspersky Security Center, the Managed devices\Cloud administration group is created by default, and cloud devices detected during polling are placed into this group.

If you selected the Synchronize administration group structure with the cloud segment option when you configured synchronization, the structure of subgroups in this administration group is identical to the structure of your cloud segments. (However, in AWS, availability zones and placement groups are not represented in the structure; in Microsoft Azure, subnets are not represented in the structure.) Empty subgroups within the group that are detected during polling are automatically deleted.

You can also manually create administration groups by combining all or specific devices.

By default, the Managed devices\Cloud group inherits the policies and tasks from the Managed devices group. You can change the settings if the Editing allowed check boxes are selected in the properties of the settings of the corresponding policies and tasks.

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