Configuring Kaspersky Security Center for export of events to a SIEM system

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This article describes how to configure export of events to SIEM systems.

To configure export to SIEM systems in the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console:

  1. In the Console settings drop-down list, select Integration.

    The Console settings window opens.

  2. Select the Integration tab.
  3. On the Integration tab, select the SIEM section.
  4. Click the Settings link.

    The Export settings section opens.

  5. Specify the settings in the Export settings section:
    • SIEM system server address
    • SIEM system port
    • Protocol
    • Data format

    If you select Syslog format, you must specify:

    • Maximum size of event message in bytes
  6. Switch the option to the Automatically export events to SIEM system database ENABLED position.
  7. Click the Save button.

Export to SIEM system is configured.

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