Selecting user fixes for vulnerabilities in third-party software

To use the Fix vulnerabilities task, you must manually specify the software updates to fix the vulnerabilities in third-party software listed in the task settings. The Fix vulnerabilities task uses recommended fixes for Microsoft software and user fixes for other third-party software. User fixes are software updates to fix vulnerabilities that the administrator manually specifies for installation.

To select user fixes for vulnerabilities in third-party software:

  1. On the OPERATIONS tab, in the PATCH MANAGEMENT drop-down list, select Software vulnerabilities.

    The page displays the list of software vulnerabilities detected on client devices.

  2. In the list of software vulnerabilities, click the link with the name of the software vulnerability for which you want to specify a user fix.

    The properties window of the vulnerability opens.

  3. In the left pane, select the User fixes and other fixes section.

    The list of user fixes for the selected software vulnerability is displayed.

  4. Click Add.

    The list of available installation packages is displayed. The list of displayed installation packages corresponds to the OPERATIONSREPOSITORIES INSTALLATION PACKAGES list. If you have not created an installation package containing a user fix for selected vulnerability, you can create the package now by starting the New Package Wizard.

  5. Select an installation package (or packages) containing a user fix (or user fixes) for the vulnerability in third-party software.
  6. Click Save.

The installation packages containing user fixes for the software vulnerability are specified. When the Fix vulnerabilities task is started, the installation package will be installed, and the software vulnerability will be fixed.

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