Licensing options in a cloud environment

Work in a cloud environment is outside the basic functionality of Kaspersky Security Center and therefore requires a dedicated license.

Two Kaspersky Security Center licensing options are available for working in a cloud environment:

In both cases, Vulnerability and Patch Management is automatically activated, and Mobile Device Management cannot be activated.

You may encounter an error when trying to activate the feature Support of the cloud environment using the license for Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security.

Upon subscribing to Kaspersky Security Center, you get an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance or a Microsoft Azure virtual machine with Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server. The installation packages for Kaspersky Security for Windows Server and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux are available on the Administration Server. You can install these applications on devices in the cloud environment. You do not have to license these applications.

If a managed device is not visible to the Administration Server for more than a week, the application (Kaspersky Security for Windows Server or Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux) on the device will shift to limited functionality mode. To activate the application again, you have to make the device on which the application is installed visible to the Administration Server again.

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