Device selections

Device selections are a tool for filtering devices according to specific conditions. You can use device selections to manage several devices: for example, to view a report about only these devices or to move all of these devices to another group.

Kaspersky Security Center provides a broad range of predefined selections (for example, Devices with Critical status, Protection is disabled, Active threats are detected). Predefined selections cannot be deleted. You can also create and configure additional user-defined selections.

In user-defined selections, you can set the search scope and select all devices, managed devices, or unassigned devices. Search parameters are specified in the conditions. In the device selection you can create several conditions with different search parameters. For example, you can create two conditions and specify different IP ranges in each of them. If several conditions are specified, a selection displays the devices that meet any of the conditions. By contrast, search parameters within a condition are superimposed. If both an IP range and the name of an installed application are specified in a condition, only those devices will be displayed where both the application is installed and the IP address belongs to the specified range.

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Viewing the device list from a device selection

Creating a device selection

Configuring a device selection

Exporting the device list from a device selection

Removing devices from administration groups in a selection

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