Deploying Network Agent and the security application

To manage devices in an organization, you have to install Network Agent on each of them. Deployment of distributed Kaspersky Security Center on corporate devices normally begins with installation of Network Agent on them.

In Microsoft Windows XP, Network Agent might not perform the following operations correctly: downloading updates directly from Kaspersky servers (as a distribution point); functioning as a KSN proxy server (as a distribution point); and detecting third-party vulnerabilities (if Vulnerability and Patch Management is used).

In this section

Initial deployment

Remote installation of applications on devices with Network Agent installed

Managing device restarts in the remote installation task

Suitability of databases updating in an installation package of a security application

Using tools for remote installation of applications in Kaspersky Security Center for running relevant executable files on managed devices

Monitoring the deployment

Configuring installers

Virtual infrastructure

Support of file system rollback for devices with Network Agent

Local installation of applications

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