Configuring the connection of Kaspersky Security Center Web Console to Administration Server

To set the connection ports of Administration Server:

  1. At the top of the screen, click the settings icon () next to the name of the required Administration Server.

    The Administration Server properties window opens.

  2. On the General tab, select the Connection ports section.

The application displays the main connection settings of the selected server.

Kaspersky Security Center Web Console is connected to Administration Server through SSL port TCP 13299. The same port can be used by klakaut automation objects.

Port TCP 14000 can be used for connecting Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, distribution points, secondary Administration Servers, and klakaut automation objects, as well as for receiving data from client devices.

Normally, SSL port TCP 13000 can only be used by Network Agent, a secondary Administration Server, and the primary Administration Server in DMZ. In some cases, Kaspersky Security Center Web Console may have to be connected through SSL port 13000:

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