Disabling Kaspersky announcements

In Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, the Kaspersky announcements section (MONITORING & REPORTING → Kaspersky announcements) keeps you informed by providing information related to your version of Kaspersky Security Center and the managed applications installed on managed devices. If you do not want to receive Kaspersky announcements, you can disable this feature.

The Kaspersky announcements include two types of information: security-related announcements and marketing announcements. You can disable the announcements of each type separately.

To disable security-related announcements:

  1. In the console tree, select the Administration Server for which you want to disable security-related announcements.
  2. Right-click and in the context menu that appears, select Properties.
  3. In the Administration Server properties window that opens, in the Kaspersky announcements section, disable the Enable the display of Kaspersky announcements in Kaspersky Security Center 14 Web Console option.
  4. Click OK.

Kaspersky announcements are disabled.

Marketing announcements are disabled by default. You receive marketing announcements only if you enabled Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). You can disable this type of announcement by disabling KSN.

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