Hardware and software requirements

Administration Server

Minimum hardware requirements:

For deployment in cloud environments, the requirements for Administration Server and database server are the same as the requirements for physical Administration Server (depending on how many devices you want to manage).

Software requirements:

The following operating systems are supported:

The following virtualization platforms are supported:

The following database servers are supported (can be installed on a different device):

Refer to the following topic for details and limitations: Selecting a DBMS.

It is recommended to use MariaDB 10.3.22; if you use an earlier version, the Perform Windows update task might take more than one day to work.

SIEM and other information management systems:

Kaspersky Security Center 14 Web Console

Kaspersky Security Center Web Console Server

Minimum hardware requirements:

The following operating systems are supported:

Client devices

For a client device, use of Kaspersky Security Center Web Console requires only a browser.

The hardware and software requirements for the device are identical to the requirements of the browser that is used with Kaspersky Security Center Web Console.


iOS Mobile Device Management (iOS MDM) Server

Hardware requirements:

Software requirements: Microsoft Windows (the version of the supported operating system is defined by the Administration Server requirements).

Exchange Mobile Device Server

All software and hardware requirements for Exchange Mobile Device Server are included in the requirements for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, and Microsoft  Exchange Server 2013 is supported.

Administration Console

Hardware requirements:

Software requirements:

Network Agent

Minimum hardware requirements:

Minimum hardware requirements for Vulnerability and patch management:

Software requirement for Linux-based devices: the Perl language interpreter version 5.10 or later must be installed.

The following operating systems are supported:

For Network Agent, the Apple Silicon (M1) architecture is also supported, as well as Intel.

The following virtualization platforms are supported:

On the devices running Windows 10 version RS4 or RS5, Kaspersky Security Center might be unable to detect some vulnerabilities in folders where case sensitivity is enabled.

In Microsoft Windows XP, Network Agent might not perform some operations correctly.

We recommend that you install the same version of the Network Agent for Linux as Kaspersky Security Center.

Network Agent for macOS is provided together with Kaspersky security application for this operating system.

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