Installing applications using Remote Installation Wizard

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To install Kaspersky applications, you can use the Remote Installation Wizard. The Remote Installation Wizard allows remote installation of applications either through specially created installation packages or directly from a distribution package.

For proper operation of the Remote installation task on a client device that does not have Network Agent installed, the following ports must be open: TCP 139 and 445; UDP 137 and 138. By default, these ports are open for all devices included in the domain. They are opened automatically by the remote installation preparation utility.

To install the application on selected devices by using the Remote Installation Wizard:

  1. In the console tree, locate the Remote installation folder and select the Installation packages subfolder.
  2. In the workspace of the folder, select the installation package of the application that you have to install.
  3. In the context menu of the installation package, select Install application.

    The Remote Installation Wizard starts.

  4. In the Select devices for installation window, you can create a list of devices on which the application will be installed:
  5. In the Defining remote installation task settings window, specify the settings for remote installation of the application.

    In the Force installation package download settings group, specify how files that are required for the application installation are distributed to client devices:

    • Using Network Agent
    • Using operating system resources through Administration Server
    • Using operating system resources through distribution points
    • Number of attempts to install

    Define what to do with client devices managed by another Administration Server:

    • Install on all devices
    • Install only on devices managed through this Administration Server

    Define the additional settings:

  6. In the Selecting a license key window, select a license key and a method for its distribution:

    The Selecting a license key window is displayed if the installation package does not include a license key.

    If the installation package includes a license key, the License key properties window is displayed, containing the license key details.

  7. In the Selecting an operating system restart option window, specify whether the devices must be restarted if the operating system has to be restarted during installation of applications on them:
    • Do not restart the device
    • Restart the device
    • Prompt user for action
    • Force closure of applications in blocked sessions
  8. In the Select accounts to access devices window, you can add the accounts that will be used to start the Remote installation task:
    • No account required (Network Agent installed)
    • Account required (Network Agent is not used)
  9. In the Starting installation window, click the Next button to create and start a Remote installation task on the selected devices.

    If the Starting installation window has the Do not run the task after the Remote Installation Wizard finishes option selected, the remote installation task will not start. You can start this task manually later. The task name corresponds to the name of the installation package for the application: Installation of <Installation package name>.

To install the application on devices in an administration group by using the Remote Installation Wizard:

  1. Establish a connection with the Administration Server that controls the relevant administration group.
  2. Select an administration group in the console tree.
  3. In the workspace of the group, click the Perform action button and select Install application in the drop-down list.

    This will start the Remote Installation Wizard. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

  4. At the final step of the Wizard, click Next to create and run a remote installation task on the selected devices.

When the Remote Installation Wizard finishes, Kaspersky Security Center performs the following actions:

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