Checking that Kaspersky Endpoint Security is deployed successfully

To ensure that you have correctly deployed Kaspersky applications, such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security:

  1. Using Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, make sure that you have the following:
    • A policy for Kaspersky Endpoint Security and/or other security applications that you use.
    • Tasks for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows: Quick virus scan task and Install update task (if you use Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows).
    • Tasks for other security applications that you use.
  2. On one of the managed devices, selected for installation, make sure of the following:
    • Kaspersky Endpoint Security or another Kaspersky security application is installed.
    • In Kaspersky Endpoint Security, the File Threat Protection, Web Threat Protection, and Mail Threat Protection settings match the policy that you created for this device.
    • Kaspersky Endpoint Security service can be stopped and started manually.
    • Group tasks can be stopped and started manually.

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