Standard configuration: Multiple small remote offices

This standard configuration provides for a headquarters office and many remote small offices that may communicate with the HQ office over the internet. Each of the remote offices may be located behind a Network Address Translation (NAT), that is, no connection can be established between two remote offices because they are isolated.

An Administration Server must be deployed at the headquarters office, and one or multiple distribution points must be assigned to all other offices. If the offices are linked through the internet, it may be useful to create a Download updates to the repositories of distribution points task for the distribution points, so that they will download updates directly from Kaspersky servers, local or network folder, not from the Administration Server.

If some devices at a remote office have no direct access to the Administration Server (for example, access to the Administration Server is provided over the internet but some devices have no internet access), distribution points must be switched into connection gateway mode. In this case, Network Agents on devices at the remote office will be connected, for further synchronization, to the Administration Server—but through the gateway, not directly.

As the Administration Server, most probably, will not be able to poll the remote office network, it may be useful to turn this function over to a distribution point.

The Administration Server will not be able to send notifications to port 15000 UDP to managed devices located behind the NAT at the remote office. To resolve this issue, you can enable the mode of continuous connection to the Administration Server in the properties of devices acting as distribution points (Do not disconnect from the Administration Server check box). This mode is available if the total number of distribution points does not exceed 300. Use push servers to make sure that there is continuous connectivity between a managed device and the Administration Server. Refer to the following topic for details: Using a distribution point as a push server.

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