Kaspersky Security Center

Installing applications by using stand-alone packages

April 17, 2023

ID 13020

Kaspersky Security Center lets you create stand-alone installation packages for applications. A stand-alone installation package is an executable file that can be located on the Web Server, sent by email, or transferred to a client device by another method. The received file can be run locally on the client device to install an application without involving Kaspersky Security Center.

To install an application using a stand-alone installation package:

  1. Connect to the necessary Administration Server.
  2. In the Remote installation folder of the console tree, select the Installation packages subfolder.
  3. In the workspace, select the installation package of the required application.
  4. Start the process of creating a stand-alone installation package in one of the following ways:
    • By selecting Create stand-alone installation package in the context menu of the installation package.
    • By clicking the Create stand-alone installation package link in the workspace of the installation package.

    The Stand-alone Installation Package Creation Wizard starts. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

    At the final step of the Wizard, select a method for transferring the stand-alone installation package to the client device.

  5. Transfer the stand-alone installation package to the client device.
  6. Run the stand-alone installation package on the client device.

The application is now installed on the client device with the settings specified in the stand-alone package.

When you create a stand-alone installation package, it is automatically published on Web Server. The link for downloading the stand-alone package is displayed in the list of created stand-alone installation packages. If necessary, you can cancel publication of the selected stand-alone package and republish it on the Web Server. By default, port 8060 is used for downloading stand-alone installation packages.

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