Planning Kaspersky Security Center deployment

April 17, 2023

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This section provides information about the most convenient options for deployment of Kaspersky Security Center components on an organization's network, depending on the following criteria:

  • Total number of devices
  • Units (local offices, branches) that are detached organizationally or geographically
  • Separate networks connected by narrow channels
  • Need for internet access to the Administration Server

In this section

Typical schemes of protection system deployment

About planning Kaspersky Security Center deployment in an organization's network

Selecting a structure for protection of an enterprise

Standard configurations of Kaspersky Security Center

How to select a DBMS for Administration Server

Selecting a DBMS

Managing mobile devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android

Providing internet access to Administration Server

About distribution points

Calculating the number and configuration of distribution points

Hierarchy of Administration Servers

Virtual Administration Servers

Information about limitations of Kaspersky Security Center

Network load

See also:

Main installation scenario

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