Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Nodes

Viewing Portable Scanner results

August 3, 2023

ID 235350

After the scanning is complete, the Results folder is created. It has the following structure:

  • <scanned_device_name>—folder named after the scanned device, containing the following subfolders:
    • <date_time> — subfolder with date and time of device scanning in the name, in the YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS format, containing the following subfolders:
      • Backup—subfolder with backup copies that contains the source files which the system attempted to disinfect. Each file contains the path in its name, where the file was located on the scanned device. Each file is packed into a password-protected .ZIP archive. Use infected as a password to get access to the files.
      • Dump—subfolder with memory dumps. The folder is created if the scan was started in the dump recording mode and a critical error occurred during scan.
      • Report—subfolder with scan report files.
      • Temp—subfolder with temporary data created when the scan is performed.
      • Trace—subfolder with tracing log files. The folder is created if the scanner is started in the tracing mode.

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