Performing typical tasks

This section describes the procedure for performing standard tasks when handling Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

In this section

Closing a Management Console session

Viewing widgets

Configuring protection

Configuring the Host Intrusion Prevention component on Windows devices

Defining proxy server settings

Monitoring applications run on Android devices

Compliance control of Android devices with corporate security requirements

Configuring user access to device features

Device hack detection (root access)

Configuring password protection of Windows devices

Configuring the unlock password for mobile devices

Configuring Firewall on Windows devices

Configuring user access to websites

Configuring a proxy server

Configuring an Internet connection

Configuring email on iOS devices

Configuring CalDAV Calendar on iOS devices

Monitoring SIM card replacement on Android devices

Protecting Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android against removal

Configuring notifications from Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android

Enabling and disabling performance features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows

Enabling and disabling the transmission of dump files and trace files to Kaspersky for analysis

Filtering incoming calls and SMS messages on Android devices

Viewing license details and entering an activation code

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