About device statuses

The Devices section of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console displays the protection statuses of managed devices. The Users section displays the protection statuses of the users' devices.

A device can have one of the following protection statuses:

The Critical Critical and Warning Warning protection statuses are based on certain conditions and their values. These conditions and their values are configured by Kaspersky experts. You can find the condition that caused the protection status of a specific device in the properties of the device.

The table below lists these conditions and the possible actions that you can perform to switch the protection status from Critical Critical or Warning Warning to OK OK:

Conditions that cause the Critical Critical or Warning Warning device status, and possible actions


Possible actions

  • Security application is not installed
  • Security application is installed but it is not running

Security application is installed but real-time protection is disabled

Anti-virus databases have not been updated in a long time

The device has not connected to Administration Server in a long time

  • Check the device.
  • Check the network settings of the device.

Invalid encryption status of the device

(An error has occurred during data encryption or decryption on the device.)

Check the data encryption or decryption error on the device.

License has expired

Purchase a new license.

Device status stated by the managed application
(A compatibility error has occurred while applying the security settings to the device.)

Re-install the security application on the device.

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