Hardware and software requirements

Hardware requirements of the virtual machine configuration for ISO image deployment

Software requirements for corporate LAN computers (to use SSO authentication for the application web interface)

Software requirements for the hypervisor for deploying the virtual machine

Software requirements for configuring the integration with an LDAP server

Software requirements for managing Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway via the web interface

To run the web interface, one of the following browsers must be installed on the computer:

These system requirements guarantee that Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway will have a peak throughput of 10 messages per second with an average message size of 300 KB. The actual performance of the application depends on the processor model and its clock rate. To increase throughput, you are advised to increase virtual machine resources or deploy several virtual machine images and distribute the stream of email messages among them while creating the appropriate record on the DNS server, or use network load balancing services.

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