How to start using the Unlimited version

To start using the Unlimited version, please make sure that all of the following conditions are met:

  1. You have connected your application to My Kaspersky.

    In most cases, the application will automatically ask for your My Kaspersky account credentials when getting started or when purchasing a subscription. If you skipped this step when setting up the application, please find the instructions in your application Help.

  2. You have completed the subscription process.

    You can always purchase a subscription on our corporate website. If you want to purchase a subscription directly from your application, you can usually do this by clicking the Get more button. For detailed information on subscribing directly from your application, please refer to your application Help.

  3. Information about your subscription is added to your account.

    When you subscribe from mobile app stores, the application will request a mandatory connection to My Kaspersky to register your subscription. If you have purchased your subscription from our corporate website or from our partners and received your activation code by email, you may need to manually add your activation code to your My Kaspersky account. To do so, please use these instructions.

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