How to determine a child's current location

To determine the current location of the child's mobile device:

  1. Go to the Kids section.
  2. Select the profile of the child whose location you want to determine via mobile device.
  3. Go to the Where is my child subsection.
  4. Click the Settings button.
  5. Make sure that the Location monitoring toggle switch is on. If the toggle switch is off, flip it on.
  6. Click the Reports button.

    After the application determines the location of the child's device, a map displays the current location.

  7. To refresh information about the current location of the child's mobile device, click Refresh Update coordinates.

The current location of the mobile device of the child cannot be determined in the following cases: the device is switched off; the device is outside of network coverage; the GPS module or location services on the device are disabled; the device is not connected to the Internet.

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