How to download your purchased apps

If you have your subscription already added to your account, you can download your apps from the Subscriptions panel. If someone has shared a subscription for a Kaspersky product with you, you will also see it on your Subscriptions panel. You can download the app, shared with you, as long as the subscription is active and there are empty slots.

We recommend to use only latest versions of our products and to renew your subscriptions in time. If you need to download one of the previous versions of the app and your subscription doesn't allow to do this, please contact Technical Support for help.

To download your purchased app:

  1. Go to the Subscriptions section.
  2. Click the subscription of interest.
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Confirm the default download option.

In Other downloads, you can also find other available download options, for example, a QR code or a link to send to your email.

If you are downloading an app for a tablet running iOS, you will be prompted to download a software package for Mac instead of clicking the link to the App Store. This is because the default Safari browser settings display desktop version of the site, not the mobile version. You can turn off this option in your browser settings or click Other downloads and then Download on the App Store.

If the app can't be downloaded, there can be several reasons for it:

If the subscription is not activated after renewal, it is necessary to add subscription activation code again on My Kaspersky portal or in the app itself.

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection app can't be shared. Only subscription owner can use secure connection functionality. If you are a subscription owner and you can't find Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection on your Subscriptions panel, you have probably registered it with another Email. You can contact Technical Support to restore your subscription and link Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection to your account.

You can purchase a separate subscription for Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection and link it to your account.

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