Data processing

For the purposes of providing you with the core functionality of My Kaspersky, the ability to purchase Kaspersky's products, and the functionality of the compatible with My Kaspersky online services, AO Kaspersky Lab needs to receive and process information that may be considered personal according to the applicable laws of certain countries. The detailed description of this information can be found in the Terms of Use of the specific service.

View the My Kaspersky Terms of Use

View the Terms of Use of Kaspersky Password Manager for My Kaspersky

View the Terms of Use of Kaspersky Safe Kids for My Kaspersky

For general information about the European Union law that regulates personal data privacy and security, please refer to the Information about GDPR article.

For information about anonymized data that is processed by Kaspersky in a form that does not, on its own, permit direct association with any specific individual, please refer to the Improving quality and usability article.

For information on deleting the provided data, please refer to the Compliance with European Union law article.

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