How to update Kaspersky Safe Kids

Updating the application fixes bugs, adds new features, and improves the performance of existing features. Kaspersky Safe Kids checks the update server once a day for new versions of the application. If a new version is available, Kaspersky Safe Kids tries to update automatically. To complete the update, the application may require that you accept the new terms and conditions for using the service.

Your acceptance of the new terms of the End User License Agreement and the Privacy Policy is mandatory to complete the update. Your acceptance of the additional statements, for example the Statement Regarding Data Processing for Marketing Purposes, is optional. You can withdraw your consent at any time in your account settings (please refer to the Compliance with European Union law).

On My Kaspersky, you may receive a notification about an unsuccessful update on some of your devices. In this case, please try to complete the update manually on those devices:

How to update the app for Android

How to update the app for iOS

How to update the application for Windows

How to update the application for macOS

If you update the premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids, you continue to use the premium version of the application after the update. After being updated, Kaspersky Safe Kids may reset its count of the time your child spends using applications. If you have set application usage time limits, your child may use applications longer than these time limits on the day of an update.

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