What to do if you forgot the secret code for a mobile device

You can recover the forgotten secret code needed to unlock a mobile device that has been locked remotely.

To recover the secret code for unlocking your mobile device on the My Kaspersky portal:

  1. Go to the Devices section.
  2. Click the panel of the mobile device of interest.
  3. Click Recovery code under the device icon.

    A recovery code for recovering the secret code is displayed.

  4. Tap the lock (Unlock mobile) icon on the locked mobile device.
  5. Click I forgot code.
  6. Enter the recovery code obtained on the website.

    The device is unlocked.

  7. Follow the instructions in the application.

If the device does not have Internet access, you can only recover the secret code on the My Kaspersky portal.

To recover the secret code on the device:

  1. When prompted to enter the secret code, tap Forgot your code?.
  2. Enter your My Kaspersky account password.
  3. Tap Reset secret code.
  4. Enter the new secret code.
  5. Confirm the new secret code.

The new secret code is applied.

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