How to set up authenticator apps on multiple devices

To set up authenticator apps on multiple devices:

  1. Download and install authenticator apps on all your devices that you want to use with My Kaspersky.
  2. On My Kaspersky, go to Account settings > Security > Authenticator app.

    You first need to set up two-step verification via your mobile phone number for the authenticator app feature to be available.

  3. Click the Set up button.

    A QR code and a secret key are provided. If you have previously set up two-step verification via an authenticator app, turn off the feature and turn it on again to get a new QR code and secret key. You need to use the same QR code or secret key on all your devices.

  4. Add your My Kaspersky account to your authenticator apps by scanning the QR code or entering the secret key.

    If you want to set up the feature on your other devices later, save the QR code, for example, by taking a photo, or copy the secret key to your notes.

  5. Verify that the security codes generated in your apps are the same on each device.
  6. Submit a security code generated by any of your apps.

    Security codes change every 30 seconds. You may need to wait for a new security code to be generated in your app that will be valid.

    The setup is finished. You can use any of your set up devices to sign in to My Kaspersky.

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