How to delete your account

You can delete your account and all associated information from the website. After deletion, a message containing information about connected applications and entered activation codes is sent to your email address. Be cautious, this operation cannot be undone.

This operation removes your account from the My Kaspersky website. All associated personal and payment data: about your order history, connected devices, solutions used, subscriptions and details of automatic subscription renewal — all this information will be unavailable after removal. At the same time deleting your account doesn't affect any active subscription as well as subscriptions auto-renewal. They will not be disabled and will remain active. To disable a subscription, you need to turn off the subscription auto-renewal as described here.

If your account has not been used for 5 years, your account and all information associated with it will be deleted. This will occur if you have not signed in to your My Kaspersky account or to one of Kaspersky's portals within the specified period, or if you have not run Kaspersky applications connected to your My Kaspersky account on your devices.

To delete your account:

  1. Click the link with your email address in the upper-right corner of the page.

    A drop-down menu is opened.

  2. Click the Account settings button.

    This opens a window in which you can edit the account settings.

  3. Go to the Delete account tab.
  4. Click the Delete button.
  5. Enter your account password.
  6. Click Delete.

Your account and all associated information is deleted. A message containing information about your applications and activation codes is sent to your email address.

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