Installing and configuring applications of the Kaspersky Sandbox solution

Perform the steps for installation and configuration of the solution applications in the following sequence:

  1. Install the disk image containing Kaspersky Sandbox.
  2. Complete the initial configuration of Kaspersky Sandbox using the web interface.
  3. Install the disk image of Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems and software required by Kaspersky Sandbox.
  4. Configure the integration of Kaspersky Sandbox with Kaspersky Security Center
  5. Install EPP and the Kaspersky Endpoint Agent application on workstations that form part of the company's IT infrastructure.
  6. Install Kaspersky Sandbox management plug-in and Kaspersky Endpoint Agent in KSC.
  7. Configure the integration of Kaspersky Endpoint Agent with Kaspersky Sandbox.
  8. Configure the remaining settings of Kaspersky Sandbox.
  9. Configure Kaspersky Endpoint Agent policies in KSC
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