Setting up Kaspersky Sandbox for virtual infrastructure

Installed on a virtual machine, Kaspersky Sandbox server can process objects from 250 workstations or 100 objects per hour received using the API. Deploying the program on a virtual platform requires installing the VMware ESXi 6.5.0 or 6.7.0 hypervisor.

When installing Kaspersky Sandbox on a virtual machine, set up the following virtual machine configuration:

Virtual machine settings:

  1. Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS check box selected.
  2. Latency Sensitivity option set to High.
  3. Entire RAM reserved (32 GB).
  4. Entire CPU clock rate reserved.

    You can use the following formula to calculate the entire CPU clock rate: 12 * <clock rate in MHz>.

When configuring the virtual machine, your configuration must match the description above. Only the CPU clock rate can be varied: you can configure a value of 2.2 GHz or higher. If the configuration of your virtual machine deviates from the description above, correct installation and operation of Kaspersky Sandbox is not guaranteed.

Cloning virtual machines is not supported.

For details about using the VMware ESXi hypervisor, see VMware ESXi documentation.

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