Integration using the CF file

July 4, 2024

ID 43932

To integrate Kaspersky Security 8 for Linux Mail Server with Sendmail using the CF file:

  1. Create a backup copy of the file.
  2. Add the following strings to the file:


    O InputMailFilters=KLMS_Milter

    O Milter.macros.connect=j, _, {daemon_name}, {if_name}, {if_addr}

    O Milter.macros.helo={tls_version}, {cipher}, \

    {cipher_bits}, {cert_subject}, {cert_issuer}

    O Milter.macros.envfrom=i, {auth_type}, \

    {auth_authen}, {auth_ssf}, {auth_author}, \

    {mail_mailer}, {mail_host}, {mail_addr}

    O Milter.macros.envrcpt={rcpt_mailer}, {rcpt_host}, {rcpt_addr}



    XKLMS_Milter, S=$filter_socket,${fail_type}T=S:3m;R:5m;E:10m


    where $filter_socket is the IP address and port number or the UNIX socket that the filter uses to listen for incoming connections, written as follows: inet:<port>@<IP address> (for network sockets) or unix:<path to UNIX socket> (for UNIX sockets).

    ${fail_type} defines the action to be taken by the Sendmail server on messages if the filter works incorrectly. ${fail_type} can take the values "F=R", "F=A," or "F=T,". R means reject, A means accept, and T means tempfail. If you replace ${fail_type} with an empty line, the message will be skipped. The recommended option is tempfail.



  3. Stop the klms service.
  4. Open the file /etc/opt/kaspersky/klms/klms_filters.conf (under Linux) or /usr/local/etc/kaspersky/klms/klms_filters.conf (under FreeBSD).
  5. In the [global] section, specify the path to the sendmail file in the following line:

    sendmail-path=<path to sendmail file>

  6. Specify the IP address and port number or UNIX socket where the filter will listen for incoming connections in the following string of the [milter] section of the /etc/opt/kaspersky/klms/klms_filters.conf file (under Linux) or /usr/local/etc/kaspersky/klms/klms_filters.conf (under FreeBSD):

    socket=inet:<port>@<IP address> or <UNIX socket>



  7. Open the file /var/opt/kaspersky/klms/installer.dat (under Linux) or /var/db/kaspersky/klms/installer.dat (under FreeBSD).
  8. Add the following lines to the file:


    SENDMAIL_USES_MC=1 if you have compiled the MC file, or 0 if not.


  9. Start the klms service.
  10. Restart the Sendmail server.

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