Anti-Virus protection of messages

July 4, 2024

ID 91165

Kaspersky Security 8 for Linux Mail Server performs anti-virus protection of messages: scans email messages for viruses and other malware, and disinfects infected objects using information from the current (latest) version of the Anti-Virus databases.

Messages are scanned for viruses and other threats by the Anti-Virus module. The Anti-Virus module scans the body of the message and all attached files in any format (attachments) using the Anti-Virus databases. The Anti-Virus module detects and blocks email attachments that are intended for a limited number of recipients and are components of targeted attacks designed to exploit software vulnerabilities.

In addition to virus scanning of messages, you can enable detection of certain legitimate programs by the Anti-Virus component.

Based on the scan results, the Anti-Virus engine assigns the message one of the virus scan status labels and adds a tag with the status at the beginning of the message subject.

Depending on the status assigned, the program performs actions in accordance with the message processing rule settings. You can select actions to be performed by the program on messages with a certain status and configure tags to be added to messages based on the Anti-Virus scanning result. Before processing a message, the program saves a copy of it in Backup.

You can specify the maximum size of attachments to be scanned and determine the objects to be skipped during Anti-Virus scanning. Attachments in certain formats and with certain names can be excluded from the scan.

The Anti-Virus module is enabled by default. If required, you can disable Anti-Virus module or disable Anti-Virus scanning for any rule.

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