Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Viewing the protection status of a device

July 3, 2024

ID 202138

To view the protection status of a device:

  1. In the main window of the Web Console, select DevicesManaged devices.

    The list of managed devices opens.

  2. In the list, select the device for which you want to view information, and click the link with the device name to open the device properties window.
  3. On the General tab, select the Protection section.

The Protection section displays the following information about the selected device:

  • Visible in the network is the visibility of the selected device in the network: Yes or No.
  • Device status represents a current status of the selected device, such as OK, Critical, or Warning.
  • Status description represents the reasons for changing the status of the device to Critical or Warning.
  • Protection status represents a status of the File Threat Protection task, such as Running, Stopped, or Paused.
  • Last full check represents date and time when the last full scan task was completed on the selected device.
  • Viruses detected represents a total number of malicious objects detected on the selected device (detected threat counter) since Kaspersky Endpoint Security was installed.
  • Objects that failed disinfection represents a number of infected objects that Kaspersky Endpoint Security was unable to disinfect.

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