Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Using a proxy server for updates

July 3, 2024

ID 247266

You may be required to specify proxy server settings to download database and application module updates from the update source. If there are multiple update sources, proxy server settings are applied for all sources. If a proxy server is not needed for some update sources, you can disable the use of a proxy server in Kaspersky Endpoint Security policy settings. The application will also use a proxy server to access Kaspersky Security Network and activation servers.

To enable use of a proxy server for a specific administration group:

  1. Open the Administration Console of Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. In the Managed devices folder, open the folder with the name of the desired administration group on devices on which you want to disable use of a proxy server.
  3. In the workspace, select the Policies tab.
  4. Select the required policy and in the context menu of the policy, select Properties.

    The Properties: <Policy name> window will open.

  5. Select the General settingsProxy server settings section.
  6. In the Proxy server settings section, select the Use specified proxy server settings and specify the required proxy server settings.
  7. Click OK.

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