Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Application Control rule window

July 3, 2024

ID 246371

In this window, you can configure the settings for the Application Control rule.

Configuring an Application Control rule



Rule description

Description of the Application Control rule.


You can select the operation status of the Application Control rule:

  • Enabled – the rule is enabled, Application Control applies this rule during operation.
  • Disabled – the rule is disabled and is not used when the Application Control is running.
  • Test – Application Control allows launching applications that meet the rule criteria, but logs information about launches of these applications in the report.


Clicking the Configure category link opens the Application Control categories window.

Access control list

The table contains a list of users or user groups to which the Application Control rule applies, and the types of access assigned to them, and consists of the following columns:

  • Principal name is a name of the user or user group to which the Application Control rule applies.
  • Access – access type (allow or block launching applications). This toggle button switches access type: Allow launching the applications or Block launching the applications.


    You can add, edit, and delete users or user groups.

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