Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Appendix 1. Resource consumption optimization

July 3, 2024

ID 206054

When scanning objects, Kaspersky Endpoint Security uses the processor resources, disk subsystem input/output, and operating system.

To view the resource consumption by the application, execute the following command:

top -bn1|grep kesl

The command must be executed when the system is loaded.

The command output shows the amount of used memory and processor time:

651 root 20 0 3014172 2.302g 154360 S 120.0 30.0 0:32.80 kesl

Column 6 displays the amount of resident memory – 2.302g.

Column 9 displays the percentage of the processor cores usage – 120.0, where each core is represented by 100 percent. Thus, 120% means that one core is fully used, and the other is used at 20%.

If Kaspersky Endpoint Security operation while scanning objects critically slows down the system, the application must be configured to optimize consumption of system resources.

In this section

Determining the task that consumes resources

Configuring the File Threat Protection task

Configuring the On-demand Scan task

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