Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Linux

Viewing information about the application

July 3, 2024

ID 246692

The kesl-control --app-info command displays information about the application.

Command syntax

kesl-control [-S] --app-info [--json]

Result of command execution:

  • Name. Application names.
  • Version. Current application version.
  • Policy. Indicates whether the Kaspersky Security Center policy is applied.
  • License information. License information or license key status.
  • Subscription status. Subscription status. This field is displayed if the application is started under a subscription.
  • License expiration date. Date and time when the license expires, in UTC.
  • MDR BLOB file status. Status of the BLOB configuration file for integration with Managed Detection and Response.
  • MDR BLOB license expiration date. Date and time when the Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response license expires, in UTC.
  • Storage status. Storage status.
  • Storage space usage. Storage size.
  • Last run date of the Scan_My_Computer task. Time of the last Malware Scan task.
  • Date when the application databases were last released. Date and time the application databases were last released.
  • Application databases. Displayed, application databases applied or not.
  • Kaspersky Security Network settings. Information about Kaspersky Security Network use.
  • Managed Detection and Response status. Managed Detection and Response status: active, inactive.
  • File Threat Protection. Status of the File Threat Protection task.
  • Container monitoring. Displays information about container scan settings.
  • System Integrity Monitoring. Status of the System Integrity Monitoring task.
  • Firewall Management. Status of the Firewall Management task.
  • Anti-Cryptor. Status of the Anti-Cryptor task.
  • Web Threat Protection. Status of the Web Threat Protection task.
  • Device Control. Status of the Device Control task.
  • Removable Drives Scan. Status of the Removable Drives Scan task.
  • Network Threat Protection. Status of the Network Threat Protection task.
  • Behavior Detection. Status of the Behavior Detection task.
  • Application Control. Status of the Application Control task.
  • Integration with Endpoint Detection and Response (KATA). Status of Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (KATA) Integration task.
  • Application update status. Displays application update actions and the actions to be performed by the user.
  • Unstable application operation. Information about application failure and dump file creation is displayed. This field is displayed if a failure occurred the last time the application was launched.

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