Viewing the traffic processing rules table

The table of traffic processing rules is displayed in the Rules section. If you have switched to the web interface of an individual workspace, the table displays only the traffic processing rules for this workspace.

The traffic processing rule table includes the following information:

  1. Name. Name of the traffic processing rule.
  2. Action. Action performed by the traffic processing rule.

    The following actions are available in bypass rules:

    • Allow without scanning.
    • Block.
    • Redirect.

    Access rules can have the following actions:

    • Block.
    • Allow.
    • Next group.
    • Redirect.

    Protection rules can have the following actions:

    • Block.
    • Block, disinfect if possible.
    • Skip scanning.
  3. Status. Use of a traffic processing rule during a scan of web resources.

    A traffic processing rule can have one of the following states:

    • Disabled.
    • Enabled.
  4. Comment. Comment on the traffic processing rule.

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