Revoking a role

To revoke a role from a user:

  1. In the application web interface, in the section for switching between workspaces, select one of the following options:
    • Workspace name, if you want to revoke the user's permissions for the settings of one workspace.
    • Global, if you want to revoke the user's privileges for the settings of all workspaces.
  2. Select the Users section.

    This opens the list of roles and user accounts.

  3. In the left part of the window, select the role that you want to revoke.
  4. On the Accounts tab, select the check boxes next to those users from whom you want to revoke the role.
  5. Click Revoke role.
  6. In the confirmation window, click Yes.

The role will be revoked from the user. The user will no longer be able to perform actions with the application settings that had been available according to the privileges of that role.

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