Configuring the snmpd service in the operating system

To configure the snmpd service:

  1. Add the following strings to the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf for connections through the UNIX socket:

    master agentx

    agentXSocket unix:/var/run/agentx-master.socket

    agentXPerms 770 770 kluser klusers

  2. Restart the snmpd service. To do so, execute the command:

    service snmpd restart

The snmpd service will be configured. To enable the application to operate over the SNMP protocol, you must enable its use in the application web interface.

If the snmpd service was configured prior to installing Kaspersky Web Traffic Security, application data may be incorrectly transmitted over the SNMP protocol. In this case, you must restart the snmpd service again.

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