Preparing to reinstall the application

Servers used for installing the application must meet the hardware and software requirements.

The user account must have superuser rights.

Installation preparations include the following steps.

  1. SELinux Shutdown

    Applicable for CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.

  2. Installing the nginx service
  3. Configuring ports for operation of the application

    Applicable if a firewall is enabled on the server that has the application installed.

  4. Installation of the insserv-compat package

    If you use the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 operating system, you need to install the insserv-compat package by running the zypper install insserv-compat command.

    Run the rpm -q insserv-compat command to check whether the package is already installed.

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SELinux Shutdown

Installing the nginx service

Configuring ports for operation of the application

Changing the language of the operating system

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