Configuring the default block page

To configure the default block page:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the SettingsGeneralDefault block page section.
  2. If necessary, change the text of the page in the %TEXT% macro field and/or the page markup in the HTML code field.
  3. If you want to add a macro to the message text, select one of the supported macros from the Insert macro drop-down list.

    You can also use the macro %TEXT%, which is the contents of the %TEXT% macro field (available only for the HTML code field).

    If there are multiple values in one macro, these values are separated with commas.

  4. Click Preview to verify the modifications.
  5. Click Save.

The default block page has been configured. This page will be displayed if no block pages have been configured for a workspace or for a triggered traffic processing rule.

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