Installation and initial configuration of the application deployed from an ISO image

The servers on which you are installing the application must have static IP addresses. Otherwise you will not be able to manage the settings of nodes or synchronize settings with the node with role Control after creating a cluster.

You can deploy an application ISO image on a physical server or virtual server on which an operating system is not yet installed. The deployed ISO file contains an operating system image with Kaspersky Web Traffic Security pre-installed and a built-in proxy server.

Deployment of an ISO image as a virtual machine is supported on the following hypervisors:

Please make sure that the version of the hypervisor and the hardware resources allocated for the virtual machine meet all applicable hardware and software requirements.

When deployed from an ISO image, the application does not support operation with multiple network adapters. All connections of users and Internet access must be established through one adapter.

Preliminary configuration of ports in the operating system necessary for correct operation of the application has already been completed. You can view the list of utilized network access.

After installation the application starts to log the information about its components functioning to Kaspersky Web Traffic Security event log, to Syslog event log, and to trace files according to the defined trace level. For more details about user data see the section About data provision.

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