Managing object revisions

July 10, 2024

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This section contains information about object revision management. Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console allows you to track object modification. Every time you save changes made to an object, a revision is created. Each revision has a number.

Objects that support revision management include:

  • Administration Server properties
  • Policies
  • Tasks
  • Administration groups
  • User accounts
  • Installation packages

You can perform the following actions on object revisions:

  • View the list of object revisions
  • Roll back changes made to an object to a selected revision

In the properties window of any object that supports revision management, the Revision history section displays a list of object revisions with the following details:

  • Revision—Object revision number.
  • Time—Date and time the object was modified.
  • User—Name of the user who modified the object.
  • Action—Action performed on the object.
  • Description—Description of the revision related to the change made to the object settings.

    By default, the object revision description is blank. To add a description to a revision, select the relevant revision and click the Edit description button. In the opened window, enter some text for the revision description.

In this section

Rolling back changes

Adding a revision description

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