Step 5. Creating a basic network protection configuration

July 15, 2024

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At this step of the wizard, click the Create button to create objects required for initial protection of your client devices.

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console performs two operations:

  • Creating basic policies and tasks with default settings

    The following policies are created:

    • Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent policy
    • Policies for managed Kaspersky applications

    The following tasks are created:

    • The Download updates to the repositories of distribution points task
    • The Find vulnerabilities and required updates task

      This task is only created if you enabled the Search for third-party software updates and vulnerability fixes option on the previous step of the wizard.

    • Tasks for managed Kaspersky applications
  • Creating a stand-alone installation package for Network Agent

    You will use this package to install Network Agent on distribution points. Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console creates the stand-alone installation package on the basis of the Network Agent installation package that you selected at the previous step of the wizard. During the package creation, you must read and accept the terms of EULA for Network Agent. When the stand-alone installation package is created, you will be prompted to download it to the device you are using at the moment.

    Network Agent stand-alone installation package creation can take some time. You can proceed to the next step of the wizard. The process will continue in background mode. You can track the process on the In progress () tab of the Installation packages section (Discovery & deploymentDeployment & assignmentInstallation packages).

    For authentication reasons, each stand-alone installation package is signed by using a certificate. The certificate is reissued from time to time. After each procedure of certificate reissue, Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console automatically updates the signatures of all created stand-alone installation packages. For downloaded stand-alone installation packages, an automatic signature update cannot be performed. Therefore, the certificate expires and a certificate error might occur while you install an application from a stand-alone installation package. In this case, download the stand-alone installation package again.

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